25 years of high accuracy and rigidity

Exemplifying the durability of NIKKEN solutions, a leading Engineering Scottish Subcontractor recently welcomed an application study with NIKKEN regarding an NST-300HP NIKKEN Rotary Table purchased in 1978 to cater to the growth of the company and expansion of industry projects.

Since the company was established in the 1970's, it has gone from strength to strength, with the NIKKEN Rotary Table still heavily used today. Predominantly used to manufacture crankshafts and hydraulic pump components within the automotive, hydraulic and rail sectors, these components demand high accuracy and rigidity, which 26 years on, is what the NIKKEN Rotary Table still provides.

As a manually tilting 4th axis solution, the NST-300P can be positioned anywhere from flat (facing the Z axis) up to 90 degrees like a standard CNC/NCT, allowing for incredible versatility. Additionally, the NST-300HP has been designed to be fitted to any number of manual machines, allowing for incredible flexibility on machines without a CNC Control, providing high-quality and precise results on numerous applications, including crankshafts and hydraulic pump components.

Continuing to perform to a high and smooth standard has cemented NIKKEN as the leading supplier for any future investments. The Workshop Manager describes it as one of the best pieces of equipment in the workshop, remaining reliable and efficient throughout the decades with minimal service needed.