Nevo Developments Ltd

Renowned within the motorsport industry for their superior quality components, Nevo Developments Ltd are industry-leading manufacturers of special gears used in steering applications, primarily for F1.

Machining predominantly in titanium and other difficult to cut steels, Nevo contacted NIKKEN after experiencing significant runout and alignment issues with traditional ER holders when drilling holes of more than 12 x D. Understanding the need to substantially improve precision, NIKKEN recommended our ultimate solution for retaining accuracy at extended lengths, the Zero-Zero holder.

"We have had zero issues with all of the NIKKEN products we’ve used previously, and rate their customer service, quality and reputation highly.” - John Harris, Director 

The unique technology behind the Zero-Zero allows for the physical run-out to be precisely controlled and maintained with four unique Zero-Fit cams retained within our balanced adjustment ring. Zero-Zero comes into its own with the added benefit of a secondary adjustment system, allowing for any radial axis positional errors to be negated for optimum tool alignment.

Since incorporating the Zero-Zero solution, Nevo have experienced significantly improved pilot and full-depth drilling performance, with the capability to drill up to 25 x D with total confidence in the final accuracy. With the alignment considerably enhanced, the drills no longer suffer abrasion on exiting the hole, resulting in a superior finish and more stable process.

Additionally, the ability to drill these holes without gun drilling has allowed Nevo to keep the process in-house, rather than send parts out to sub-contractors which not only adds time and but additional costs and risk.

Zero-Fit solution