Produmax Precision Engineering

Produmax have an ongoing chuck amnesty project and currently trade in approximately seven lower-performance tool holders per month for NIKKEN Multilock or Slim Chuck milling chucks.

The Amnesty project has been in place for some time and enables Produmax to “trade-in” older technology tool holders. This is usually ER Collet chucks in return for the latest precision tool holders from NIKKEN, typically a Slim Chuck (SK) holder or Multi-Lock milling chucks. Whilst there is always a place for “budget” ER Collet chucks for light-duty tasks, the adoption of NIKKEN technology at Produmax has seen a significant increase in efficiency and operator confidence on more demanding, precision operations.

“Whenever there is a new job coming through, the default position is to use a NIKKEN Chuck as it removes a potential weak link in the process. The production team know from experience that when an endmill is put into a Multilock chuck it absolutely will not move, we haven’t had a single instance of tool slipping, ever. Combine this with the outstanding levels of accuracy and the increase in tool life due to the virtual elimination of runout and it is difficult to justify using anything else on critical applications.”

Mick Barker, Pit Crew Cell Leader

NIKKEN chucks are a firm favourite with the production team on the shop floor and are always the number one choice whenever picking tooling – thankfully due to the amnesty there is a greater number available each month moving forward.

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