AA Tools Ltd

As leading suppliers of Solid Carbide, Brazed & Indexable Tooling, AA Tools provide specialist tooling solutions to a global client base, with an established reputation for incredible quality. 

Experiencing continued growth since the company’s founding in 2014, the last 7 years have seen AA Tools invest in the latest CNC 4th Axis Milling capabilities including; a DMG MORI Mill Turn, NIKKEN 4th Axis Rotary Table and a Walter 5 Axis Tool & Cutter Grinder.

Continuing to strengthen their position as a leading manufacturer of bespoke tooling, AA Tools additionally chose to invest in a variety of capabilities in 2020, developing their Wire EDM and Fast Spark Hole Drilling capacity to support traditional Optical Grinding and Cylindrical Grinding. 

Citing the need for a compact yet powerful solution, AA Tools opted for the classic NIKKEN CNC202 when introducing 4th axis capabilities to their capacity. The ultimate NIKKEN solution for customers looking to increase performance levels but feel limited by machining space, the CNC202 benefits from a small footprint and high-speed motor as standard.

At AA we strive to produce the highest quality tools so we always choose to purchase best in class in equipment. We partner with NIKKEN for the accuracy, precision and repeatability that NIKKEN products provide. - Chris Birt, Director 

Receiving a recent order for high precision tooling from a manufacturer of plumb and valve components, AA Tools provided a full service, from creating the original tool designs in Solid Works, modeling in EdgeCam and finally employing the CNC202 for high accuracy machining. The quality is then confirmed utilizing their E46LTW Elbo Controlli NIKKEN Presetter.  

Approaching NIKKEN last year in need of a solution to optimize their machining process, after experiencing down time caused by manually reporting tool inspections and accuracy issues, NIKKEN proposed the E46LTW Presetter to ensure a higher level of inspection and the ability to produce documentation straight from the machine.

We already had NIKKEN products on site and a great working relationship with many members of the NIKKEN team. This trust in our business partnership means we didn’t look at any other options as the service we receive as well as the reliable quality and accuracy of their solutions has proved them the perfect business partner for AA Tools. - Chris Birt, Director 

Since this investment AA Tools have gained a number of benefits. Each operator can now inspect accurate, key data on all tools and record the data straight to the database. Enhanced inspection capability has also reduced scrappage on the Walter Grinder by allowing for far more precise measurement of first off tools.

Additionally, the team can now email well-presented reports straight from the presetter to customers as they inspect the product, reducing set up time.