Innovation is the foundation that drives our product development and passion for contributing solutions to the manufacturing industry, on a global scale.

With this focus in mind, NIKKEN are proud to announce our new series of webinars showcasing our latest cutting-edge solutions and enhanced technology.

Using Presetters to Power-Up Efficiency

Starting on the 28th of October, Join our Director of Innovation, Dr Nathan Ray, for a live demonstration and Q&A discussing the benefits of investing in presetter capabilities.

Key Agenda:

  • What is presetting?
  • Why use a presetter?
  • What are the benefits of presetting vs. on-machine measurement?
  • What is the difference between entry-level, intermediate and advanced presetters?
  • How can I use a presetter to become more efficient?
  • How can a presetter become part of a digital Industry 4.0 solution?

This webinar aims to answer the above with a direct application to real-world manufacturing environments. Dr Ray will be discussing and demonstrating the basic operation of a presetter to measure key tool features and also visually inspect tools cutting edges.

Progressing from this will be a demonstration on automatic collimation and more advanced measuring techniques, followed by a focus on fully automatic edge detection and measurement, DXF generation and comparison, additional measurement cameras, network connection and data transfer.

Throughout, Dr Ray will highlight the direct benefits to a working tool room and/or shop floor, and how presetters can be used to improve efficiency within a business.