Tool Holding

With innovation at the heart of what we do, NIKKEN is constantly researching and developing solutions to ensure our customers stay ahead in their markets. 

Our unique manufacturing processes and technology guarantee reliable, highly-rigid and highly-accurate NC Tool Solutions for your machine spindle and requirement.

NIKKEN's philosopy and commitment to quality sets our global teams and indeed our products themselves above any others on the market.

The manufacturing processes utilised during the production of many of our NC Tool Solutions, developed by ourselves, are often revolutionary and unique in the market. For example, during the manufacture of our Multi-Lock Milling Chuck, we include both carbonizing and a specialist sub-zero (24 hours at -90 degrees C) treatment.

This exclusive procedure eliminates the residual austenite to form a drastically more dense martensitic material composition. The resulting composition both prevents deterioration and increases the life of the tool holder to allow it to provide reliablity and service for many years.

NIKKEN can provide a precision tool holding solution to suit practically any spindle/connection type:

  • ISO DIN2080 - Square flange, 7/24 solid cone.
  • NIKKEN IT SK, ISO7388-1, DIN69871 - 'V' Flange, 7/24 solid cone.
  • BT JIS B 6339 - 'V' Flange, 7/24 solid cone.
  • NIKKEN NBT/NIT '2-Lock' - 'V' Flange, 7/24 solid cone (standard BT/IT and face & taper contact spindles).
  • NIKKEN MBT/MIT '3-Lock' - 'V' Flange, 7/24 dynamic solid cone (face & taper contact spindles only).
  • HSK - ISO12164/DIN69893 - 'V' Flange, 1/10 hollow cone.
  • NIKKEN NC5 - 'V' Flange, 1/10 dynamic solid cone. 


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