The powerful 5AX-800 Rotary Table is ideal for achieving unmatched high precision and performance.

Designed for gantry type systems, machining centres and 5-plane machines, the 5AX-800 has a powerful double clamping system on both ends of the tilting axis, offering high rigidity and durability for multiple-axis machining.

Like all NIKKEN products, the 5AX-800 is designed for easy maintenance and life long durability.

5AX-800 5th Axis Rotary Table
5AX-800 5th Axis Rotary Table Technical Diagram

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Face Plate Diameter[Ømm] 800 x 500
Table Range/Type EXTRA LARGE
Diameter of Spindle Hole [Ømm H7] 130
Number of Spindles x Pitch [mm] 1
Centre Height (90°) [mm] 550
Table Height in Horizontal Position (0°) [mm] 500
Width of T Slot [mm] 14
AXIS Rotary Tilting (0°-105°)
Clamping System HYD HYD
Clamping Torque [Nm] 4655 6125
Table Inertia at Motor Shaft [Kg m2 x 103] 6.8 6
Servo Motor [min1] αiF22·2000 αiF40·2000
Min. Increment [Degrees] 0.001 0.001
Rotation Speed [min1] 25 12.5
Total Reduction Ratio 1/60 1/120
Indexing Accuracy [sec] 20 60
Indexing Accuracy Ultra Precision [sec] ±5 ±10
Net Weight [Kg] 2300
Max. Work Load on Table 0° to 30° [Kg] 500
Max. Work Load on Table 30° to 90° [Kg] 300
Max. Thrust Load at Table Centre - Tilting Angle = 0° [N] 31360
Max. Thrust Load 'F' @ 'Lmm' from Table Centre - Tilting Angle = 0° [N] 2695
Max. Thrust Load 'F' @ 'Lmm' from Table Faceplate - Tilting Angle = 90° [N] 2824
Strength of Worm Wheel Without Brake (Against Dynamic Cutting Thrust) - Tilting Angle = 90° [FxL Nm] 2548
Max. Work Inertia [Kg m2] 23
Driving Torque [Nm] 422