The latest E460N Tool Presetting machine has been developed as the second level option for our new generation of advanced tool presetting machines.

The increased cross-section and size of the column gives added stability up to 600mm and this theme is continued with revised axis carriages that also deliver increased reliability. The mechanical axis brake and control system has been completely updated from the previous model and finally, and most noticeably, the original pendant & operator panel are now combined into one single touch screen system that is located away from the camera and column.

Designed to be bench mounted the E460N features a ground granite base and column, stainless steel construction and ergonomic design combined with a TFT 15” colour touch screen. The Touch Screen provides full operator control and selection of options and functions via an intuitive menu system - these new electronics provide operational and functional simplicity that is second to none. One major new feature of the E460N is the ability to rotate the spindle/tool through 360 degrees and the presetter automatically saves and displays the maximum radius/diameter and length for the tool.

  • The precision Spindle System is fully interchangeable and utilises a one piece cartridge eliminating the need for adaptors and the errors associated with their use.

  • Working via your DNC system, TdSIX converts measured tool data into CNC code for direct loading into the machine controller and associated tool offset pages.

  • The system also includes a Post Processor utility which enables tool offsets to be instantly converted into the correct code to suit numerous CNC machine tool controllers.

Post Processor 

The system also includes a Post Processor utility which enables tool offsets to be instantly converted into the correct code to suit numerous CNC machine toolcontrollers. Unlike similar systems numerous Post Processor variations are included within the system as standard. All are customisable and editable to meet individual machine requirements.

Spindle System

Featuring a fully interchangeable Spindle System that utilises a one piece cartridge (backward compatible with the previous E450N model) - eliminating the need for adaptors and the errors associated with their use. The new system also provides a vacuum clamping system for positive location and security of the tool location within the spindle.

E460N Tool Presetter
E460N Tool Presetter Screen

E460N Brochure

(PDF - 4.85 MB)

No Deposit & 12 Months Interest Free

No Deposit, 12 month Interest free period may available for your purchase via the UK Governments Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) or the Bounce Back Loan Scheme (BBLS). Both Government backed schemes are there to support businesses cash flow when making asset purchases, these schemes fund 100% of the Net purchase price (no deposit) with the first 12 months interest and fee free. Further information is available on the website or feel free to contact us to discuss with our appointed accredited lender.

Technical Features:

Measuring range: diameter max 400mm (radius 200mm); height max 600mm.
Machine structure in stainless-steel offering high mechanical resistance and long life.
Base and column made of ground granite: linearity max error 4 µm/Mt certification with Taylor Hobson res.1 µm/Mt electronic millesimal level.
ISO/BT/HSK/VDI…. etc. Interchangeable spindle-holder rotation. ISO/BT Vacuum Clamping of the tool holder.
Double vault arc prismatic slideways: n°2 X axis slideways, n°1 Z axis slideways.
Double re-circulating ball bearing slides, lubricated for life (3) (preloading slides/slideways: P/H class).
Manual mechanical braking of the interchangeable spindle-holder rotation.
Constant load Archimedean spiral spring (as opposed to a mass counter-balance system).

Vision-system for tool measuring and cutting inspection including:
- C-MOS sensor - Framed image area 6,4 x 6,4 mm.
- Magnifications about 30X.
- Telecentric lens.
- Doublet lenses at low F/Number in order to eliminate the error of the clearness circle.
- Episcopic illuminator with ring lens and red leds; diascopic illuminator with red, puntiform light led.

Machine operator interface through:
- TFT 15" colour Touch Screen.
- Intel Atom D.C. fanless motherboard.
- UBUNTU LINUX operating system.
- Data storage on solid state disk SSD.
- X and Z axes block management with control maximum speed of translation 2mm/sec.

Software standard:
- CNC machine origin management and adapters.
- Tool list creation and/or single tool.
- TOOLINGUP to manage:
ss- tools set and Post Processor universal generator.
ss- magnetic chip code-holder (Balluff for example, hardware not included).
ss- multi-cutting tools.

ELBO CONTROLLI Linear Transducers in optical glass type SLIDE 371 certified HP laser
- Axes resolution: X= 1 µm, Z= 1 µm.

Anti-dust cover provided for when not in use.

Overall dimensions: Length = 1070 mm, Height = 1140 mm, Depth = 595 mm

X Axis Measure (Diameter) 400
Z Axis Measure (Length) 600
Natural Granite Base & Column JA
Interchangeable Spindle Cartridge JA
C Axis Display Spindle Body and Spindle Cartridge NEIN
Interchangeable Spindle Max. Run-Out Error 4µm
Automatic Rotation of the Spindle NEIN
Spindle Index in four Angular Positions (0º, -90º, -180º, -270º) Option
Spindle Rotation Brake Manuell
Spindle Identification System (NFC recognition) NEIN
Clamping System Vakuum, Manuell
Tool Inspection Function/Capability JA
Elbo Controlli NIKKEN Triple Camera System (Cutting Edge Inspection) NEIN
Main Camera System Resolution 1µm
Main Camera System Measuring Range (C-MOS Sensor Framed Image Area) 6.4mm x 6.4mm
Secondary 'Twin' Camera System Measuring Ranges (Framed Image Area) NEIN
Main Camera Magnification 30X
Secondary 'Twin' Camera System Magnifications NEIN
Elbo Controlli NIKKEN Certified Optical Scale Axes Resolution 1µm
Elbo Controlli NIKKEN GS371 Certified 'Natural Granite' Optical Scale Axes Resolution NEIN
Touch Screen System (Operator Interface) TFT 15"
Keyboard and Mouse NEIN
Electronics/Processor Intel Atom Lüfterloses Motherboard
Firmware/Operating System Ubuntu Linux
Data Storage SSD
Elbo Controlli NIKKEN Tool Management Software TdSIX
Tool Set Management and Post Processor Universal Generation JA
DXF File Import and Creation NEIN
Balluff Read/Write Ready (Balluff Hardware Required)? JA
Elbo Controlli NIKKEN TiD Ready? JA
Elbo Controlli NIKKEN TP32 Ready? JA
Elbo Controlli NIKKEN IS 'Integrated Solution' with Twin Screen and Dual OS Option Ready? NEIN